Chin Strap Loops White LOOP-05 10/Pack

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Helmet chin strap 'loop' portion for pro style hockey helmet ear loop.   White.
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Helmet chin strap 'loop' portion for pro style hockey helmet ear loop.   White.
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Pro-Style Hockey Ear Loops by Lowry Sports

It is vital to get all the right equipment and know how to put it on and use it correctly before you start playing hockey. Alongside, taking proper safety precautions are a must before you hit the ice. Lowry Sports provides the hockey market with the best set of white ear loops and chin strap to ensure the proper safety of the players.

A helmet is the most crucial piece of equipment in preventing serious injuries during the game. You must get a helmet that fits you perfectly and use tightened chin strap to secure it in its place.

Our white floater chin strap with ear loops are very durable and fit most ice hockey helmets. The ear loops attach the chin strap and fasten to the helmet in the two holes on each side of the helmet. Lowry Sports provides chin strap loops that are comfortable and fully adjustable to fit all helmet and head sizes. The strap stays tightly in place with the helmet throughout the match without sliding down. Our white ear loops fit almost every brand’s hockey helmet without any trouble, making it more convenient to use. The materials used are soft and cozy fabrics that enable breathability during the match.

Our white ear loops and chin strap enable top-notch protection for the players. In addition, they enhance the overall performance by better securing the helmet.