Lace Tightener Metal Hook Black 1069R /Bulk

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Collapsible metal hook featuring an easy grip handle.
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Collapsible metal hook featuring an easy grip handle.
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Buy the Finest Lace Tightener from Lowry Sports

Proper lacing of your skates is an integral part of playing hockey but not every player has the hand strength to do so. Lowry Sports provides you an easier and quicker way to tie your laces perfectly with a convenient to use lace tightener.

This tightener's mechanism easily opens at an acute angle with a slanted edge that grabs the laces and does not rip them off. It helps you pull on the laces to tighten them to the desired tension without giving stress to your hands. The grip provides better leverage and comfort, especially for people with small hands. Lowry Sports brings forth the most durable and comfortable lace tightener, great for hockey players and skaters.

Our lace tighteners are nickel-plated to enhance the tool's durability, and the heavy gauge design will help hold the repeated ties. In addition, this tightener is convenient to carry as it folds up and can easily fit in your hockey tape & accessories bag. Get the best lace tightener in the business from Lowry Sports