Heavyweight Practice Puck Orange 999 10 Oz. 36/CS

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Heavyweight practice/training puck.  10 oz.
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Heavyweight practice/training puck.  10 oz.
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Get the Best Quality Heavyweight & Lightweight Practice Pucks at Lowry Sports

Every hockey player dreams of acquiring excellent puck handling skills. The ability to handle the puck swiftly on the ice in various situations is crucial, and one can only accomplish that through daily practice. Prepare yourself to be a good puck handler by practicing with the best professional training puck brought to you by Lowry Sports.

Our premium orange practice puck will help you and your team develop skills like shooting, passing, and stick handling. In addition, Lowry Sports provides a lightweight blue practice puck suitable for training younger players how to execute basic and advanced stick handling skills at stationary and in motion.

Our orange practice puck weighs ten ounces; hence, it won't tumble or flip over. The material used is solid rubber with a smooth surface. The smooth surface and heavyweight enable the puck to stay flat and easily slide on ice, ensuring better performance. Our blue practice puck weighs four ounces and is intended for use with younger developing players.
To blow your competition away, you must develop your hockey skills and tactics through rigorous training. Our practice pucks improves such skills and makes playing fun and convenient. Therefore, training with practice pucks is essential as it will help you seek improvement and efficiency.
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